Save Money Retire Early

Why Save Money?

Is it because you want to Retire Early? Or is it the feeling of financial freedom, not having to go to a cubical 5 days a week to earn a paycheque every two weeks.

I save because I believe there is something of great value in having a big pile of cash sitting in my hypothetical money room. That something is freedom of choice. The choice to retire, travel, buy nice things most people only dream of, or work on interesting projects or hobbies. What you choose to do with your savings is your choice. But you can only choose once you have it.

There is a huge inequality of service in the financial services industry. People with money get all the attention when it is the people with little money or no money that truly need the help.

The majority of the population gets stuck in the middle class or lower, working an average job until they are 65 years old and taking their pension from a company or government or both at the end.

This is not what we do here at Save Money Retire Early, I promise you in 10 years you will not be where you are today financially. You may not be retired in 10 years, but you will be well on your way and will no doubt see a huge impact of your hard work and conviction!

Most people will not have the conviction or determination to stay the course, but if you can promise me you will look for ways to save every day with every decision, no matter how big or small you will definitely see your money room fill up.

I would rather spend the next 10-20 years filling my money room than work paycheque to paycheque for the next 40 years wouldn’t you?

When you understand how to really use money, life becomes a whole lot easier. Instead of money in, money out, we need to add a step in between called Save & Invest. While most have heard of investment, I fear most people don’t truly understand how investment works and as a result are more likely to have a bad experience with it. Money in, Save & Invest, money out is a simple process adjustment that truly changes how you see the game being played.