#76 How To Find Deals

As a condo dweller, you don't often need to think about the maintenance of your home. The condo corporation has taken care of all the things that have broken down in the building over the years. Elevators, the furnace, window cleaning, sewer pipe cleaning, security, salting and shoveling snow, and the outdoor BBQ and patio space.

Tomorrow we are moving to a house which has most of the same features, but with none of the help to maintain it. It's all up to us now.

Our house has a forced air heating and air conditioning system. Over the years and during our recent renovation work, dust and other particles fall into the vents. This slowly gets pushed back into the air we breathe in the house which can cause breathing problems.

Our contractor recommended we hire a vent cleaning service to flush out all the dust.

Having never known this service existed, we asked a friend for a recommendation. We then looked online for other options, which is when we came across a forum that suggested to use Groupon for a discounted price. We found a great deal 60% off a vent cleaning service which includes dryer vent cleaning as well (not included in most other Groupon offers).

But before we hit buy, I remembered seeing on Ebates.ca that there was a cashback offer for Groupon. So I canceled my order and relaunched the Groupon website through the Ebates app. I'm expecting to get 6% cash back from my Groupon purchase.

But wait, there's more!

My wife found a promo code for Groupon to get an additional 20% off!

And on top of it all, our credit card will give us 2% cash back.

Original price $360. Price paid $119.20. Plus $2.38 in cash back on my credit card, and $7.15 cash back from Ebates.

Final price $109.67, 70% off.

To be honest, I don't know if $110 is a good price for vent cleaning and dryer vent cleaning service since this is my first rodeo. I'm almost certain we could have spent more time sifting through all the offers on Groupon to find a cheaper one. But $110 for a 2-hour service seems like good value. They have to send at least one technician and a truck with equipment. Don't know how they could stay in business for less.


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