#75 Moving Day - Look What We Found

I've always been pretty good at "not buying stuff". Moving tells a different story. Taking all the stuff off of the shelves. Pulling all the things out from the cavernous depths of the kitchen cabinets. Transferring t-shirts I haven't seen in years from drawers I haven't opened since we moved in. Discovering my wife's accounting designation frames, up to now I had only heard about them in legends.

All the hidden junk hiding in the nooks and crannies of our condo. What appears so neat and tidy in drawers, cabinets, shelves and closets can easily turn into a mess when you dig it all out for a move. 

Moving Day

Even if you are diligent with buying "only what you really need". After nearly five years, we ended up with six extra pillows that are as flat as tires plugged full of nails, 27 t-shirts with rips that we grew up with in our teenage years that are just too precious to throw away, and a ton of trinkets from vacations that we didn't even go on (deep bow to our friends who brought us these, we continue to cherish them in our new home).

And this is the second time we are moving. Before we staged our condo in September, I already moved a jam-packed minivan of stuff.

The total move ended up taking 2.75 hours and costing us 580 bucks. It's kind of a steep price. But considering our condo's weird set up where the freight elevator to the loading bay is a 75-second walk down a parkade from the main condo elevator, I can see why it took so long and why the movers were tired as #$%& after. They probably logged 20,000 steps by lunchtime carrying an average of 15-20 lbs with them at all times.

When you Save Money on all the things you don't find extreme value in, you can spend on things that you really appreciate, like hiring movers to break their backs instead of you breaking your back and asking all your friends to help.

Below is a clip from my favourite episode from Friends. PIVOT!! PIVOT!! PIVOOOOT!!



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