#64 This is Why I'm Afraid of The Dentist

Today was a busy day. Aside from my dentist appointment, I went to see this month's RBC Disruptor event featuring Shopify's COO Harley Finkelstein. Without a doubt, it was inspiring. The guy makes you want to be an entrepreneur and he sells you the platform to do it. Then before heading home, I went to renew my health card and driver's license. Ka-ching! 90 bucks out the door, but it's good for 5 years and a necessary piece of ID.

The dentist appointment was for a regular checkup and cleaning. Before our benefits kicked in, the checkup cost $33, the cleaning cost $165, and the final polish was $22, for a total of $220.

I actually like going to the dentist, my mouth always feels lighter and cleaner after. The one part I'm afraid of is the cost. $220 is pretty steep. And it only gets worse if I have cavities or old fillings that need to be replaced. Thankfully we have 90% coverage with my wife's work plan and my checkup came out spotless, no cavities!

The net cost to me this time $22, not bad.


Taking care of your teeth is a practice of consistency. Remember #70 Start With Why, we talked about how important it is to be consistent in order to be successful. 

With your teeth, success means clean, plaque-free, cavity-free teeth. This requires brushing and flossing consistently to prevent your teeth from rotting and your dentist bills from skyrocketing. But when you take good care of your teeth you don't see any changes. Your teeth will never be better than the day they grew in. You're starting at the top.

Saving is different. It's not preventative. Saving is proactive. You start at the bottom. Success with savings depends on "#71 What Your Number Is" When you are consistent in saving, every day, every month, every year, you will see the money start to add up. There will definitely be an obvious change. The feeling of financial security, the feeling of pride, the feeling of choice, these are all the amazing feelings that you will get when you are successful and consistent in saving. 


Save Money Retire Early is written by Jon Lo, a barely 30 something change optimist, and personal finance guy. I believe anyone can be rich or poor, it's what you save that makes the difference.

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