#57 Couldn't Resist The Sushi

Nagasaki, the last place an atomic bomb was used. Also the last place we ate sushi.

This evening we were determined to eat sushi. We wanted to eat at a very local sushi bar, so we took the tram a few stops away from the core of Nagasaki.

We walked through the China town archway, and down a dark alley. Japan is a very safe country where the crime rate is quite low, so we didn't feel afraid to explore a bit in the dark.

We slide open the door of the one bright shop on the street revealing a sushi bar with a very legit looking sushi chef. 

We sat at the front of the bar for a few minutes not knowing what to expect. The only English was on a sushi calendar on the wall.

The chef's wife came over with a scratch piece of paper listing 3 different set menus to choose from. It read: "Set A 1900 YEN, Set B 2700 YEN, Set C 3700 YEN.

We ordered one Set A and one Set B with an extra toro tuna sushi. Total 5700 Yen or $66.50.

On this trip, our dinner budget per day is $30 for the two of us. For the most part, this should be more than feasible.

We just couldn't resist. Sushi is one of our most favourite foods. But also we didn't know the price before sitting down at the bar. If the price was more than $60 a person I might have considered walking out, but at $30 it didn't seem unreasonable. Plus I knew that up to now, we had spent less than half of our lunch and snacks budgets per day. So we were already tracking well below budget for all food. 

Two takeaways:

1. If you know where you stand against your budget, you know when you can splurge.

2. Your budget is an average. Some occasions you'll be over and sometimes you'll be under. As long as your higher end occasions are within reason, it's ok to just have fun.

This goes for any kind of budget whether it's a vacation budget or a regular budget.


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