#55 Japanese Strawberries

We waited until the final day in Japan, but it finally happened.

Today being the last full day in Japan, we went shopping to bring back some snacks and gifts. We ended up in an area with what seems like 50 souvenir snack shops and a grocery store. We had a relatively low cost sushi dinner just before, so we wanted to pick up some fruits for a late evening snack.

Yesterday we were in a supermarket and were devastated by the price of a pack of strawberries. 2990 YEN for about 12 strawberries. That's $35 or almost $3 per strawberry.

This region of Japan is world famous for the sweetness of their strawberries. People come from far and wide to get a taste because very few ever get exported.

Back in the grocery store, today, we came across the happiest sight of the day. 780 YEN for a 12 pack of strawberries. That's $9 or about $0.75 each. While I wouldn't buy Canadian strawberries for more than $0.25 each, Japanese strawberries for $0.75 is a steal, especially since they are not in season.


Some things in life are just worth spending on. You work hard to save, but you don't save for the sake of saving. Money is eventually meant to be spent. Enjoy some finer things in life to give you the motivation to make and save more money to enjoy them again. 


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