#50 Hello Black Friday Shopper - Order Confirmed + Totoro Latte Art

Black Friday just started, and looks like the great deals I had scouted out ahead of time are already sold out.

We wanted to improve our life just a little bit by getting a smart light switch so we can sit in bed and turn the lights off without getting out of the warmth and comfort of our blanket. This has been a real thorn in our foot for the last 5 years. I mean, we spend a solid 20 minutes every night sitting in the blanket to warm it up just to lose half of the heat when we turn the light off. It's quite sad.  We've been talking about getting a WiFi light switch for years, but our hesitation has always been that we don't know how to install it and we never really looked at how much they actually cost, we just assumed it was too expensive. **Another good way to trick yourself into not spending money**

After doing all the renovations for the house, we are more familiar with how much things cost and are a little more comfortable learning to make some small fixes ourselves. And with Black Friday deals cutting prices by 50% in some cases, this is the best time to make the change.

The smart light switch we wanted from Best Buy was $25 (from $50) but was sold out when I checked online at 8 AM. So we resorted to getting a better-reviewed WeMo from Amazon for $40 (from $70). 

The next thing we have been looking for is an espresso machine. We mentioned this a couple times (#53 Fast Decisions Can Make You and Break You#67 Life Is Too Short For Bad Coffee). So today, we bit the bullet and bought a Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine for $480 (from $600). We should be getting some cash back from Ebates, I'm expecting at least 1%, maybe more. It's not going to be life-changing, but it's better than nothing and would cover a 3rd of a bag of coffee.

There isn't much else we've been looking for to improve our lives. My wife wants a new winter parka, but that's not on sale today. We've also been debating getting a wireless speaker, but that's been in the back of our minds for about 3 months now and we still can't commit, even on the best day to buy electronics, so this likely isn't happening. Our walls seem to permeate sound from our neighbour anyways, so to be good neighbours it might be best not to improve our sound production.

We're spending a lot of money today. But this is a once a year kind of day and we are being very intentional about the things we are buying. These are significant-life-improving-purchases, well within our means. One of which we have been pondering for 5 years and the other (if we use it as much as I expect), will lower our overall coffee expense in the long-run, save hundreds of paper cups from going to the landfill, and teach us a new skill we've always wanted to learn (latte art!) 



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