#46 Re-Gifting Christmas Presents

Christmas is less than a month away.

Yesterday while sitting in bed, I was reading some news about Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The comments section turned into a discussion about trying to get their hands on a Nintendo Switch, to which one guy commented......

"Last year we just gave each other stuff in the house we had already. Aside from the spiritual aspect of the holiday, it's all about opening presents, who cares if it's stuff you already got, it's just fun tearing open wrapped gifts."

I had a really good laugh after reading this one. Then told my wife.

Not surprisingly, she laughed too. 

No frowns and no sad feelings. 

We like presents, but for each other at Christmas time, we don't really make a big deal of it. We may get something for each other one year if there is something we want, but other years we may not get anything. We don't buy things we wouldn't otherwise buy from our intentional spending list. There is no excuse to buy junk. Getting things at a good price is more important than getting them in time for Christmas (or Birthday's even). And more often then not, we will choose to buy experiences and travel as to not add clutter to our life.

Maybe this year, we'll wrap some stuff in the house we already have.


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