#34 The Bus vs Bus Experiment Part 1

Being me has its downsides.

Thinking about the cost of moving a muscle makes it hard to do anything.

My wife will confirm.

The worst of them all is my unwillingness to take a bus when I know it will cost $3 for a short trip. Even when that short trip would otherwise be in the cold of Toronto nearing the start of winter.

The sky looks like it's on the verge of snowing today.

It's hard for me to justify paying $3 to travel only 2 bus stops. A trip that would take maybe 5-10 minutes to walk.

The result is that my wife (who has a bus pass) will not use her bus pass as much. My thoughtful wife ends up suffering with me.


She knows full well what's going on in my head. She will tell me what I really want to hear, and I will tell her what she wants to hear.

Me: Let's take the bus. (Thinking: It's such a short trip I don't want to spend $3)

Wife: No, it's such a short trip, let's walk. (Thinking: "Baka"! My stupid husband likes to save money too much)

Me: Okayyyyy, you convinced me.

It's this crazy game of "I'm more selfless than you". It's great for our marriage, but sometimes our butts get cold.

Bus vs Bus Experiment

For the month of December, I bought a bus pass. I wanted to test out how many times I would use the bus. I'm recording every usage in the instances where I would have to pay $3.

The pass cost me $146.25. To breakeven, I need to make 49 trips where I would normally have to pay $3.

So far I've used it 15 times in 9.5 days. With 21.5 days to go in December, I'm projecting 3 uses ahead of breakeven even though I didn't use it for 4 days last week. 

Part 2 coming later this month.


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