#29 "A Long Journey Starts With A Single Step”, BUT

"A Long Journey Starts With A Single Step”, BUT


“A Single Step Doesn’t Guarantee A Long Journey”



What are the most steps you have ever taken in a day?

If you have a smartphone or smartwatch, you might be able to check in the health app.

Typically my highest step days are on vacation or during summer. I love to walk. I love exploring cities on foot. It gives me more time to observe the details around me, rather than quickly getting from point A to point B. Details are so interesting.

In November, when we were in Japan, I clocked 27,109 steps on one particular day where we walked around a huge lake park called Ohori Park. That's 15.1 kilometres.

Ohori Park

For some reference, the park looks like a lake with a thin island path cutting through the centre.

Ohori Park



When we started our journey, we knew exactly what we were getting ourselves into. We had been planning this particular day for months.  

We were super excited about what we had planned. We knew that it would take a lot of walking, but the excitement and adventure were going to be worth it.  We knew we would be walking double digit kilometres and be walking for hours. The result was no surprise, it was guaranteed.

A Journey Needs A Path

When you take the first step of a journey with no plan, no motivation, and no excitement, there is no guarantee it will be a long and fulfilling journey. 

When you make a plan, a plan you designed yourself, a plan with everything in it that will make you happy, you have all the right ingredients. It doesn't matter how hard that journey is going to be, it doesn't even matter if you stick to the exact plan. As long as you have enough excitement to give you the motivation to keep taking the next step.

That motivation must come from the feeling that what you are doing is what you chose to do.

The time you budgeted is exactly how you want to spend your time. The money you budgeted is exactly how you want to spend your money. Your mind is in perfect alignment with your heart and you have the plan to get you to there.

The Journey To Save Money


Saving money is no different. Planning your retirement is no different. You need a plan. You need to take the time to make that plan yourself because when you do it yourself, it will include all the things you want. It will give you more excitement and motivation to make the long journey not feel as long.

If you leave the planning up to someone else, you may enjoy the highs of the journey, but stepping forward through the lows will feel impossible.

For planning help, check out https://savemoneyretireearly.com/blogs/100-dollars-a-day/71-whats-your-number


Save Money Retire Early is written by Jon Lo, a barely 30 something change optimist, and personal finance guy. I believe anyone can be rich or poor, it's what you save that makes the difference.

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