#26 10GB for $60 Cellphone Plans - More Is Not Always Better

Until December 19, 2017, Fido is offering a 10GB data plan for $60/month. If it makes sense to you, maybe you should call in and wait 1-2 hours to speak with an associate.

My current plan includes 2GB of data, unlimited Canada wide calling and texting, and 1000 international minutes to select countries. I'm paying $50/month which includes a 10% discount for being the second device with Fido (my wife's being the first device).

Changing plans would void my 10% discount and my 1000 international minutes (which I don't use). So in effect $10 more for 8GB of data. It's a pretty good deal

But the reality is I don't even use the 2GB I have. Why should I pay $10 more a month, $120 more a year for something extra that I probably won't use. 

This goes back to living exactly in the space that you need. My wife and I lived in a 1 bedroom plus den, 540 sqft condo, for 4 years. It was exactly the amount of space we needed. As a result, we saved a boatload of cash (about $18,000 in interest payments).

A cell phone plan doesn't compare to the savings you can amass from living in the exact space you need, but the principle is the same. It's $120 extra dollars I could save or spend elsewhere. It's money I'm giving away for something I have proven over many months that I don't need.

More is not always better. 


Save Money Retire Early is written by Jon Lo, a barely 30 something change optimist, and personal finance guy. I believe anyone can be rich or poor, it's what you save that makes the difference.

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