#16 Rule Five: Spend Intentionally

Rule 1 is to "Invest In Yourself" 

Rule 2 is to "Waste Nothing"

Rule 3 is to "Live On One Income - Save The Rest"

Rule 4 is "15 Minutes Can Save You $3,000 A Year"

Rule 5 is to "Spend Intentionally"


Spending Intentionally is a pretty straightforward concept. In blog post #43, we talked about it in great detail. 

A quick reminder.

Intentional Spending is the act of spending only on the things that give you the most value. Spending only on the things that in your heart and in your gut are totally worth the money. And spending the least possible on everything else.


Don’t spend YOUR LIFE, YOUR TIME, and YOUR MONEY on things that are not in your heart and in the core of your mind the most important to you.

Everyone is different.

You have to make your own lifestyle choices but be very specific and intentional. "Cutting Out The Fat" is where you will find excess savings. It's also going to make you feel really good about yourself. 

Imagine only spending your time and money on things you really love. All those things that add little to no value are completely cut out of your life. You will notice that your life is filled more with happiness rather than regrets and annoyances. You will start to complain less and reminisce about the happiness more. 


My intentional spending list is travel, coffee, restaurants, tennis, and my friends and family. 

Ultimately all these things on my intentional spending list are representative of the things I value the most, my friends and family. I will spend on things that bring me closer to them and let me share experiences with them. I think they are worth it in my heart, my gut, and in the core of my mind.



Rule 1 is the best way to make more money

Rule 2 is the best way to be as efficient as possible with whatever you spend your money on

Rule 3 is the best way to accelerate your savings

Rule 4 is the best way to save in the least amount of time and effort

Rule 5 is the best way to accumulate less junk and spend the most on things that are worth it and ultimately live a happier life


Those are the top 5 Rules that help me make good decisions every day.  I hope they can help you make some good decisions too.


Save Money Retire Early is written by Jon Lo, a barely 30 something change optimist, and personal finance guy. I believe anyone can be rich or poor, it's what you save that makes the difference.

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